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Is your love fading, are things just not working out & a break up is a possibility



To re-unite you with your Ex-lover and instantly bring lover back permanently.



To make your lover willingly propose to you, accept your proposal for marriage & have peace in your  marriage.



To stop your lover from sleeping with any other person apart from you.


Hi papa, i just want to say, life has changed so much in this year since i started working with you. I am beyond grateful for the support, kindness and love i feel from your help. My relationship is different and a lot more full of love than ever before. And these days my work am just greatfull, just in the form of clients, friends, acquaintances are so positive for me.
Of course, i have lots of things i have  improved and fixed, and organized in my life, but whatever our past life is history, I am happy that I found you, it was the missing link in my spiritual search. Thank you!

Lerato Mpumi

I have great pleasure in telling you Andy came up and asked me to give it another go!
He said the only thing he asks of me is to take it slow and not just be all of a sudden like loves young dream. I told him that was grand by me as I will prob take a while to trust him in terms of him wanting to be there and not running of again and that I knew that would come with time.
I asked him what was different now to when we finished he said he didn't really know but that he was probably just more comfy with the whole serious thing. He was even joking about the boys at work telling him they wanted "a day out" (wedding) something he would never have joked about before.
Its kind of weird I thought I would have been more hyper but I think probably because of all the worry etc its feels just like a relief!
Words cant express my thanks to you for all your help and not to mention patience with me I know it hasn't sank in yet but I am so happy and it will only get better.

Nhlanhla Fortunate

Just to let you know - he's back! Siyabonga texted me on Friday to say he was back from the mines on Sunday morning and asked if we could go out for lunch. We did and we saw each other on Monday and Tuesday. He has told me he loves me and missed me very much.

Things are certainly not how they used to be just yet, I don't feel as close to him as we have done but expect that will take time. He is, however, back and I want to say a huge thank you.

Watch this space, let's hope it's for good this time. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Thank you again for everything and I will keep in touch with you.


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